iViewed your API keys

iViewed your API keys
Reporting on a security issue on ABC’s iView.
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A couple of weeks ago, I quietly launched the mirrors.wale.id.au site for Linux mirrors I want to host.

This was initially done as a bad inside joke with me and a couple of friends, but it turned out to be a good thing to contribute to the distro I had loved, and continue to love using.

How I did it

I built the mirrors using a lot of help from articles written by Lucas Symons, a fellow Australian mirror admin, but with slight changes to fit the needs of a low budget sysadmin. The article linked focuses on using CloudFlare caching as a CDN, which is perfect for a server with a low bandwidth limit (in my case, I was limited to 3TB of bandwidth each month.)

A lot of corners had to be cut to fit the ultra-low budget needs of this undertaking, such as using a previously unknown server provider called BinaryLane, instead of Linode or other reputable hosts. BinaryLane offered a range of HDD-optimised servers which worked great for my needs, and only cost A$15 a month.

How it turned out

After a few weeks of uptime, and around a week of being included in the official mirror list, wale/mirrors has been consistently listed as one of the top mirrors based on score in Australia, only rivalling the FTP server of Swinburne University. Mirror Score, as of 11th of April 2022 2:48pm AEST

How to use

To use the Arch Linux mirrors, either:

  • install a new system that has the new mirrorlist - it should be included on the 2022.04.01 Arch Linux ISO, otherwise you will need to update the pacman-mirrorlist package: pacman -Syu pacman-mirrorlist
    • It will be included in any future default mirrorlist from 2022.05.01 onwards.
  • Manually add the mirrors onto your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist file:
    # Australia
    Server = http://mirrors.wale.id.au/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch
    Server = https://mirrors.wale.id.au/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch


  • Add more distributions to the mirror server.
  • Fix up the homepage


  • Q: Do you provide ISOs for each distribution?

    A: Currently no, and I do not have plans to. (unless I somehow get a more beefy server)

  • Q: How do I contact you for issues?

    A: Either e-mail me or DM me on Twitter at @spellsaidwrong.

  • Q: Where is the mirror server geographically located?

    A: Melbourne, Australia.

New website, new me

Finally relaunching a new blog.
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