“Tell me about yourself…"

I’m Duale Siad, also commonly known as simply “Wale”. I’m a programmer and a student, located in south-east Australia. I mainly work with Java and the JVM, but I also dabble in frontend work with Next.js and TypeScript.

This site is where I write up ideas and what I’ve done.

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What I use…

  • Expert: Java, Kotlin, JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Confident: TypeScript, Python, (Ka|La)TeX, UNIX Shell, fish-shell, C#
  • Reader: OCaml, Rust, Scala, Haxe, C


  • okfluent - An experiment in using Kotlin extensions to send HTTP requests, using OkHttp. Based on the idea behind Flurl.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pronounce your name?

    • My name is pronounced /duɐːli: siːæd/, as rendered in IPA. Phonetically, it would sound more like /doo-WAH-lee SEE-ad/, where the ‘A’ in “WAH” sounds more like the ‘a’ in “sofa”.